jenman_logoTaking a holiday to Madagascar is a unique experience, and with a wide variety of activities to suit every kind of holidaymaker, this island paradise makes for a perfect destination!


Activities on offer range from visiting local attractions to the more adventurous activities that can be included in any of our excellent Madagascar holiday packages! A few of the activities you can look forward to include: Diving and Snorkelling  – Diving and Snorkelling in Madagascar offers a unique look into the amazing marine wildlife that the reefs around the island have to offer. With hundreds of species of tropical fish and rare turtles, diving and snorkelling in Madagascar should definitely be near the top of your bucket list. Bird Watching – The bird life on the island of Madagascar is abundant with over 250 species of birds. Some of the best spots to observe these water birds are along the remote areas of the western and south-western coasts including the magnificent Flamingos in Lac Tsimanampetsotsa.



For anyone who loves bird-watching then Madagascar is truly a terrific destination. Trekking and Hiking – Because Madagascar is not well known as a classic hiking or trekking destination, there are some incredible spots that are largely untouched and uncrowded. One has the choice of either hiking the  mountainous areas around the Andringitra Mountains (south of Fianarantsoa) or alternatively, hiking the canyons in the Isalo and Makay range. Another fabulous way to experience this magical island is by taking a night hike as a whole different world comes to life in the forests of Madagascar. A large variety of Malagasy mammals, birds and herptile species are nocturnal, so most reserves offer very rewarding guided night strolls. *See more exciting activities on offer for you to enjoy in Madagascar … click here