Gezahegn Abate, International and Public Relations Director at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, told reporters on Thursday (January 8) that Ethiopia’s tourism sector has created 783,638 jobs over the last four years of the GTP period. He also said that “The plan was to create 886,000 jobs.”

The massive expansion of standard hotels, cafeterias, restaurants, souvenir gift shops, recreation centers, socio- economic service at tourist attraction sites had catalyzed for the creation of job opportunities for 783,638 people. He also noted that the Ministry has offered training for around 1,460,000 people working in the tourism sector , noting that the plan was to provide the training to 1, 482,000 people. Gezahegn Abate further stated that the Ministry is providing training in 110 professions of tourism sector with a view to produce a skilled human capital in the field of tourism.
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