Chobe Game Lodge has implemented a number of fascinating initiatives that help keep the lodge environment pristine and natural. It’s incredible to see what can be achieved with a committed approach to responsible tourism and guests at Chobe Game Lodge can learn about these initiatives by taking an ecotour, led by Albert Ndereki, which provides a refreshing look into the future of safari lodges in Africa. Albert oversees the ecotourism initiatives at Chobe Game Lodge, inviting guests to explore the lodge on another level by giving them the opportunity to discover what goes on behind the scenes and learn more about the ecotourism projects taking place at the lodge.

Albert tells us, “If I think back to when I was first offered the job at Chobe Game Lodge in 1971 to what we have now, I am extremely proud and happy  to be a part of this place – so much care and attention goes into every part and I really enjoy sharing this with our guests.”

Click here to read more of Albert’s interview. What a privileged to have such a passionate individual like Albert on a team. Whatever you do, be sure to join him for an ecotour when staying at Chobe Game Lodge.

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