The first of the new aircraft, A2 – RNO Tshukudu,has already been delivered and will take to the skies from the beginning of March. A further three Airvans will arrive during March and April, with all seven expected to be in service within the next 18 months. 

“We selected the Airvan based on how well it performs in the Okavango Delta environment, as well as its favorable capacity in terms of passenger numbers. This exciting acquisition forms part of our fleet renewal plan, and ensures that we uphold the extremely high levels of safety and comfort that guests have come to expect from Wilderness Air,” says Derek de la Harpe, Commercial Director of Wilderness Holdings.

The  is designed and manufactured in Australia and has been specifically engineered to meet the latest international safety standards, as well as the demands of remote operations. While the aircraft takes a maximum of seven passengers, Wilderness Air will only transport between five and six passengers at any given time.  

“The Airvan design allows for easy cabin access, quick loading and unloading processes, and also offers excellent visibility for both the pilot and passengers. We look forward to welcoming passengers on board these new aircraft as we transport them in and around Botswana’s pristine wilderness areas,” adds De la Harpe.

Wilderness Air Botswana’s flying schedule, as well as its baggage and passenger restrictions remain in place.GA8_3


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