Saruni Wild tented camp in the Greater Mara, Kenya, will move to the Lemek Conservancy, on the border with Mara North Conservancy, and reopen on July 1.

The camp will move from its current spot in the Mara North Conservancy, a wildlife concession bordering the Masai Mara, to the border between Mara North Conservancy and Lemek Conservancy close to Mara North airstrip and the Musiriara Gate of the Masai Mara National Reserve. 

The decision to move was based on rainy weather conditions that make access to the property occasionally difficult and to position the camp in a more central location in the Mara Plains. 

“We wanted to offer both a mountain/forest location (the one we have with Saruni Mara, our permanent lodge), and a plains location where the guests have the feeling of being very close to the wildlife and being surrounded by it even without leaving their tents,” said Riccardo Orizio Saruni CEO.

The camp will also possibly look to expand on its current three-tent, eight-bed capacity in the coming months.saruni-logo