President Khama recently had a fantastic experience, test-driving what promises to be the future of Africa’s safari industry here at Chobe Game Lodge.

The president took the opportunity to try out our electric safari fleet while attending the African Elephant Summit here in the Chobe District. The only fully operational electric safari vehicle in Africa – Freedom3 – has just covered over 4,360km since its introduction into the Chobe Game Lodge fleet. This equates to a saving of just under 800 liters of diesel. The first electric safari boat – Freedom4 – has completed 111 hours and saved around 240 liters of petrol. All in all, this equals a saving of approximately 2,167kg of CO2, that would otherwise have been emitted into the atmosphere.

On top of the benefits to the environment, Chobe Game Lodge guests have been enjoying a revolutionary African safari – quiet, but for the gentle breeze and the sounds of the Chobe bush. Lebo and Lynn, the two female guides initially operating the fleet, reported that guests were completely overwhelmed by the peaceful ‘electric safari’ experience of being on a silent safari boat and vehicle.. Can there be a better way to enjoy a safari?

The next electric game-drive vehicle has also just arrived, while a third is still in the conversion process. Thus far, everyone has been extremely happy with the performance  and delighted to be a part of the President’s first experience of the new era in eco-tourism in Africa – here on Botswana soil!

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President of Botswana tests out the first electric game-drive vehicle