”Into the Virungas” is an inspiring conversation with founder of Volcanoes Safaris and passionate conservationist, Praveen Moman and is available for sale from Volcanoes Safaris and Amazon.

Praveen was an instrumental force behind the award-winning Volcanoes Lodges. A core value has been ensuring that our safaris respect the culture of local communities, the fragility of the environment and the need to use resources in a sustainable manner.

For more than fifteen years, Volcanoes Lodges has been at the forefront of mountain gorilla tourism and it is the only safari company to have signed the UN Kinshasa Declaration on Great Apes.

The conversation recounts how, as the first international company to bring guests to see the gorillas in Rwanda, we built Virunga Lodge after the genocide. Today Virunga is one of the leading luxury lodges in Africa. Volcanoes Safaris can be proud of helping to relaunch the renowned gorilla tourism that the country is known for today.