Mantis has partnered with the Kenyan-based Monarch Group to develop, manage and market a number of their unique properties.  This pivotal partnership marks the beginning of a foothold in East Africa for Mantis. It’s a match meant to be, with a fusion of like-minded entrepreneurs. Both Mantis and Jambo Chester Hotels & Resorts (the current name for the collection of private luxury lodges) are family owned. South African hotelier and developer of Mantis, Adrian Gardiner, is committed to conservation and ecotourism.   His passion for tourism is firmly set on the African continent, making this new chapter in East Africa particularly pleasing. “I have had the pleasure of visiting all the Monarch Group properties.  Having been involved in the creation of Shamwari Game Reserve and many other lodges and hotels around the globe, I can honestly say that what we have in Kenya is truly iconic.” 
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