Cross River National Park is the last remaining tropical rainforest ecological zone located in the extreme south-eastern corner of thenNigerian border with the Republic of Cameroon. Geographically, it exists  as two non-contiguous divisions, Oban and Okwangwo, and occupies about 4,000sq km of tropical rainforest ecosystem, which thins out progressively to Montane Savannah Vegetation at the edge of the Obudu Ranch Plateau in the Okwangwo area.

Management has recently demarcated a tourist circuit to facilitate access to the tourist sites and a canopy walkway is planned. The park is blessed with an impressive assemblage of biological diversity, complemented by the illuminating and exciting cultural attributes of the local people. These have, no doubt, made the park a melting pot of nature and culture, which explains why it was nominated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

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Cross River National Park