The Strand Hotel Swakopmund promises to become an integral part of the town’s historical centre and a beachfront entertainment destination in itself, hosting both visitors and locals.

With its extensive, superb Restaurants, Bars, Lounges, Deli, sea-facing Terraces and Conference & Banqueting Centre, the Strand Hotel is destined to become the social epicentre of Swakopmund, Namibia

From its prime location on the iconic and historic Swakopmund Mole and surrounded on three sides by the Southern Atlantic Ocean, its 125 Rooms and Suites will offer the finest uninterrupted sea views available anywhere in this quaint historic town. 

Its architectural inspiration is rooted deep in Namibian German history, which is also reflected in its tasteful, contemporary style. The brief to all designers involved was to create a non-hotel hotel and the interiors are residential in nature.

Three top-class restaurants will occupy the ground floor of this first-of-its-kind establishment in Namibia. One of these exciting top eateries is the Ocean Cellar, a specialty seafood restaurant, Oyster and Wine Bar, offering an open-show kitchen and Sushi & Shashimi eat-at-counter experience. It is bound to take guests to another level in the food experience along the coast. Its world-class products and services will create unforgettable memories and bring new meaning to the Strand Hotel’s saying: “Great Food, Great People, Good Fun.”

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Strand Hotel Swakopmund