Press Release By the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change
There are confirmed reports of algal bloom (fr: Proliferation d’algues) occurring around the island of Mahe, Praslin and satellite islands. An algal bloom is a natural phenomenon, involving the rapid growth and population explosion of algae in fresh water and at sea, whenever there are sufficient nutrients, calm conditions and other specific conditions.
This phenomenon was confirmed by the authorities on Friday, 24th October and is still ongoing.  Residents in the West and South of Mahe and Grand Anse Praslin have reported high mortality of coral reef fish and dead fish on the coastline. The presence of turbid water and slicks or streaks of several hundred metres long, with colours ranging from yellow to dark green, have been reported at sea around all the inner islands.  Currently, authorities are still collecting information on the bloom event and cannot confirm the species involved or its overall impact on the marine environment or fish species.  To date, no health impacts have been reported by people undertaking marine activities.

The ministry is organising the collection and disposal of dead fish washing up on coastlines and will provide additional updates on the situation as more information is received. Members of the public are advised not to consume or offer for sale any fish that may be dead, dying or displaying abnormal behaviour and to report  any anomalous sea conditions or impact on marine species through the green line 2722111s.  The ministry has not received reports of negative effects on people swimming in the sea but would advise the public not to enter the water where there is a noticeable change in colour. Persons noticing any symptoms after swimming in the sea, should immediately report to a health centre.

For additional information, contact the office of the Principal Secretary of Environment, Mr Alain de Comarmond on Tel: +248 4670512
Algal bloom