KAMPALA, UGANDA – The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), through the USAID/Uganda Biodiversity Program implemented by African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), has donated a full set of road equipment, worth USD 1,6 million,  to Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). 
The road equipment is part of the USD $10-million support to biodiversity conservation in Uganda by US Government, through a 4-year Biodiversity Program. Handing over the Equipment to Uganda Wild life Authority, Shawna Hirsch, Environment Unit Leader US Agency for International Development, pointed out that Tourism plays a vital role in the country’s economy.   However, the sector is faced with many challenges, especially poachers and poor Infrastructure, which handicap the monitoring of the national parks by UWA. “The American Government is committed  to supporting capacity-building by UWA and other government  conservation agencies through the  USAID/Uganda  Biodiversity  program.   It is using its development arm to promote better management of bio-diversity, so that the government can earn more by conserving it.   That is why we have procured these machines to support UWA,” she explained. 

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US gives 1.6m dollar to Uganda wildlife