North Island Seychelles makes the list of the 50 greatest hotels in the world
A guide to the world’s best hotels, featuring the most amazing places to stay in destinations including Europe, Asia, Indian Ocean, Africa, Americas, Middle East and Caribbean, for honeymoons, luxury escapes and city breaks, as chosen and reviewed by Telegraph Travel’s team of editors and destination experts has been published and the impressive and ‘out of the world’ North Island in the Seychelles makes that list.

The review in The Telegraph states:

It’s no coincidence that Hollywood chose North as the real incarnation of Thunderbirds’ Tracy Island for the film. Guests, a mixture of potentates, oligarchs, celebrities and royals, arrive by helicopter from Mahé to stay in just 11 totally private villas. They’re so spacious that 10 are labelled Presidential and the biggest simply called Villa North Island. North redefines beach chic, with sumptuous natural fabrics and acres of polished driftwood furniture and doors. Guests set their own dress code, and order whatever they like from the chef. This isn’t simply a smart hotel and spa beside a beach covered in fine sand the colour of spun sugar. It has some of Seychelles’ best diving and fishing, kite-surfing and hiking. Nesting turtles regularly come ashore, and on the long west beach there are flying foxes, fairy terns, whimbrels and crab plovers: evidence of the owners’ pledge to make it a Noah’s Ark.

Minister Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture said that he was delighted to see international the recognition of properties in the Seychelles.