Reunion Island Tourism (IRT) and Google have partnered to enable users around the world to discover the 255 kms of trails and paths of this diverse and scenic island  on the Internet.  Viewers will have the opportunity to admire the landscapes, one more incredible than the next. Most of the hiking and cycling trails are located in the heart of Reunion National Park which is a registered World Heritage site recognized by UNESCO.

Mafate, the Piton de la Fournaise volcano during an eruption, the Roche Written, Piton des Neiges, Cape Black, the Makes, in all, more than 50 routes that have been photographed, over 255 km of which 218 km are located in the heart of Réunion National Park and listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

Google engineers processed and assembled thousands of images to create 360-degree panoramas. Whether preparing a course or revising a place already visited, these virtual tours are a goldmine for lovers of spectacular landscapes and pure nature.Read More