It is with mixed feelings that we report that the HESC accepted another two baby orphaned rhinos over the last month. The first newcomer, a young rhino bull, arrived on Wednesday the 13th of April 2016 at the centre. The approximately 2 weeks old tiny baby had been discovered by a field guide on one of our neighbouring properties. He had noticed that the baby was being rejected by his mother.The young bull had no chance of survival without intervention, and was brought in to HESC for immediate and urgent care. The owners of the property on which he was found named him Nhlanhla, which means ‘luck’ in isiZulu. On Sunday, 24th of April, hardly two weeks following the arrival of baby Nhlanhla, HESC took acceptance of yet another baby orphaned rhino.This time the mother has been savagely poached. This baby rhino named Olivia, is approximately 2-3 months old and weighs 141kg.Our new rhino cow is in her own boma – she needs the space in order to calm down, as she was extremely traumatised and very thin on her arrival.At first, it was a bit of a struggle to feed Olivia, but she has now taken to her bottle with gusto and her milk intake had to be increased to 1.7 Litres per feed.We are confident that little Olivia will pull through.We are very pleased on the progress of our first four rhino orphans at HESC. Balu, Stompie, Gertjie and Matimba are doing extremely well and are now completely comfortable in one another’s space. Read more about these four rascals on our website’s blog.It is disheartening that many of game farms are selling their rhinos, due to the huge security threat and financial costs to protect them. The families and workers on these reserves are also placed at risk because of the ruthlessness of the poachers who will do whatever it takes to reach their targets.