Eco tourism and carbon-neutral are all buzzwords we’ve grown accustomed to. No, they’re not sexy – not in the least. But then again, neither is wiping out an entire species or coming to terms with the idea that our consumerist nature has some unforgiving consequences.  

More and more, however, we’ve seen the collective social media waves galvanize sentiment into action. It’s become impossible to ignore the impact of deforestation on primate populations or tahe shafts of polar ice which are simply melting away. These are nothing more than distracting one-minute videos lurking in our feed.

At the heart of it is the hashtag search that bubbles up eco-tourism in crisp, clear greenness.  

How important are sustainable tourism practices to you? Do you seek out authentic experiences, where the protection of cultural and natural heritage is a priority?

After all, there are many things to consider.
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Tswalu KalahariTswalu Kalahari