Last week, President Yoweri Museveni handed over marketing contracts to the Performance Horizon Group (PHG) of North America, Kamageo of UK and KPRN of Germany.   These firms were hired to represent Uganda in their respective travel markets at a total cost of $1.5m per annum.  Kamageo, KPRN and PHG will also provide training to the Uganda tourism businesses. 

“Uganda is easy to market. We are an all-year-round destination, with wonderful weather and a variety of tourist attractions, such as snow-covered mountains throughout the year,” Museveni told Hannah Kleber and Tim Henshall, who respectively represented KPRN and Kamageo at the contract hand-over in State House Entebbe. 

President Yoweri Museveni welcomed the new Ugandan strategy to promote the country through market representation in the major source markets. Beyond the promotion and growth of tourism numbers, the CEDP project also seeks to build the local tourism sector capacity.   The aim is to make individual companies better players on the international market.
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Uganda hires US firm