The Mozambique government has announced that all visitors to the country are now eligible for tourist visas at borders equipped with the necessary facilities to issue these biometric visas.

 26 border posts have been issuing these particular visas since 2005, but there has been confusion regarding which countries’ nationals were eligible for them. Many Mozambican Embassies were telling travellers that they must get their visas before travelling to Mozambique. This has led to some travellers’ being denied visas on arrival at Maputo airport.

 About 40 border crossings are now issuing biometric visas to visitors, and the remaining 14 should be able to offer them in the near future. The expected cost is around 2000 meticals (about $29 USD at today’s exchange rate). However, this has yet to be confirmed by government.

 In addition to this, dual-entry visas are now issuable, which means that visitors to Mozambique can visit other surrounding countries during their stay and still return to Mozambique without needing another visa. These steps are sure to make this beautiful country even more accessible and affordable to all.