The award-winning documentary film, Blood Lions™, sheds light on the sad truth that between 6,000 to 8,000 lions are held in captivity in South Africa, for cruel and unethical canned-lion trophy hunting. Before captive adult lions become targets for unethical trophy hunters, while they are cubs, they are offered to tourists to pet or, when they are a bit older,. to walk with.

Cub petting, walks with lions and trophy hunting are all part of the same industry, that exploits captive lions, destined for a brutal death once they are no longer otherwise financially profitable. However, it does not stop there: once the lions have been hunted, this industry sells lion bones to Asia, where they are used in tonics.

 Humane Society International and the Blood Lions™ campaign urge tour companies that operate in South Africa or elsewhere that cub petting and lion walks are offered, to sign the “Born to Live Wild” pledge and not send clients to operations offering these exploitative activities. to

To sign the “Born to Live Wild” pledge, please email Masha Kalinina at and for more information! Rent and watch the full film on