Possibly the single most significant threat to our environment this century is the prolific use of throwaway plastic bottles. These bottles are used to sell mineral water as well as a range of soft drinks. They are non-biodegradable and when not properly disposed of can create mountains of garbage which last for centuries. These discarded bottles also leach toxins into the soil and often get eaten by animals, sometimes with disastrous consequences.

“Throttle the Bottle” is one of a number of initiatives which is designed to eliminate the use of disposable plastic bottles in Africa. Instead they promote the use of safe, bulk drinking water options.

At Intimate Places, we have entered into agreements with the producers of high quality mineral water to supply us their product in 20 litre re-useable bottles which we transport back and forth between Arusha and the national parks. All of the soft drinks we serve are also supplied either in glass bottles which can be re-used or tin cans which can be recycled.

Intimate Places is delighted to join hands with the ‘Throttle-the-Bottle’ initiative as part of the company’s program of Corporate Social Responsibility.