Azura Boutique Retreats would like to announce the newest added feature to their castaway inspired private villas at Azura Quilalea Private Island. Each Kusi Villa that is situated within a prime location on the island will now host its own private pool. Adding to the seclusion of the island, guests can relax in the cool waters of the private pool, each with spectacular ocean views. The nine villas have spacious bathrooms with an additional outdoor shower. Each one features a beach sala, private under cover the deck with a day bed, and a sundeck with loungers. Call us to book now on +27 11 467 0907 or email

In related news – Vogue Magazine recently featured Quilalea as follows:

Channel Your Inner Castaway on This Remote African Archipelago

Many of us have probably had a dream of being stranded on a tropical island in elegant, beach-babe style—less like Tom Hanks in Castaway and more like Brooke Shields in The Blue Lagoon. Surprisingly enough, there are very few destinations where this can happen. The real challenge is finding the right tropical island.
While temptingly close, the Caribbean is quite touristy and over-developed. For the adventurous who set their sights a little further abroad, far-flung destinations, such as the Seychelles and Maldives might fit the bill at first.  However, even islands such as those might feel a bit too pampered and pre-packaged, for, on the right kind of remote island, five-star amenities may feel a bit at odds with the natural landscape.
Consider the Quirimbas Archipelago: Located off of the untamed north-eastern shore of Mozambique, this stretch of islands is a castaway’s dream. Many of the islands are accessible only via a short helicopter flight from the mainland   From above, the archipelago seems less like the chain of some 30 islands that it is and more like one continuous natural wonder, with wild sprawls of lush mangrove forests, jagged coral, limestone outcrops, and gently ebbing flows of the incredibly clear Indian Ocean. Because these waters are so shallow and the tide pulls out so far at low tide, the sandbars can literally stretch for miles.  Just how pristine and unspoiled this part of the world is, is hard to describe, mostly because there is really nothing else like it.
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