Arusha is the biggest city in northern Tanzania and can be found at the foot of Mount Meru. Arusha is often regarded simply as the starting point for safaris or trekking tours. If that’s all you know about this stunning town then we suggest you read further because you probably missing out on some amazing experiences because the city offers much more than that. If you plan on staying in Arusha for a few days before or after your trekking tour or safari adventure, we have put together some great ways to spend your time in and around the city.

When arriving in Arusha it may seem like a hectic and busy city, but with a little help from us at Tripindigo we’ll help you uncover some hidden gems. Dig below the surface of this city and you’ll find there is another side to it, one of relaxation and peace. Take a stroll through the city and you will find activities for just about every interest, from the foodie, shopaholic, the site-seer and even the more adventurous explorer. 

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