Traditional African safari meets health & wellness retreat in the incredibly unique Healing Safari, now in both Tanzania and South Africa. Participants experience the power of ancient wisdom traditions as they behold awe-inspiring wildlife, re-connecting them to their own natural rhythms for a deeper sense of well-being. Clients can nurture a yoga and meditation practice suited for their level that they can take home with them post-safari. The Tanzania tour begins at an eco-lodge overlooking Mt. Kilimanjaro before flying into the Serengeti to witness the great migration. The journey is led by People-to-People Safaris’ Dr. Tanya Pergola – the award-winning author of “Time is Cows: Timeless Wisdom of the Maasai” – and Lekoko Ole Sululu, a long-time safari guide and Maasai elder from Ngorongoro. The Healing Safari in South Africa, led by Dr. Tanya Pergola, begins in Cape Town and ends in andBeyond Phinda Forest Reserve. Participants have the opportunity to learn secrets of well-being from the Maasai, Zulu and San traditions imparted by highly-experienced practitioners who understand the challenges of modern life. Clients return to their home country completely and beautifully transformed, often planning a future Healing Safari in the near future. The Healing Safari is small group travel. The next Healing Safari in Tanzania is scheduled for December 3-12, 2017 and South Africa is scheduled for May 12-21, 2018.