Elephant’s Eye, Hwange is now offering night game drives. Nighttime in the African bush is an experience like no other. The sun sets and the stars appear, slowly filling the sky as it gets darker. The night sounds of the bush are unique too; hooting owls, hyenas “laughing”, perhaps even some lions roaring, and the continuous sound of crickets and frogs in song. Nocturnal animals come out after the sun sets and you’ll spot creatures that were either hiding or totally lethargic during the day. Lions are awake and alert now, searching for prey.

Night game drives at Elephant’s Eye, Hwange take place after dinner has been enjoyed under the stars or are sometimes combined with sundowners in the bush before dinner and take about an hour and a half. It’s a great add on to the usual safari experience, allowing you to experience the bush in a different light. Guests will be presented this opportunity by their guides.