How can architecture become a mechanism for experiencing the adventure, magic and romance of a safari? You decide.
In collaboration with Eleven Magazine, a heralded architecture, design and creative-lifestyle magazine, African Bush Camps is running a ‘Design a Safari Camp’ Competition.
African Bush Camps has partnered with Eleven Magazine for their eighth international architecture & design competition, ‘Safari: Zimbabwe 2017’. The challenge calls on creatives from all around the world to design innovative concepts for a super sensory safari lodge in the heart of Matobo National Park.

Together with Eleven Magazine, we are asking people to enter this competition and inspire the design of a new type of safari lodge. One that is motivated by the principles of biomimicry, one which blends traditional wildlife adventure activities with new ones linked with culture, tradition and conservation, and one which allows our visitors to experience its unique context fully. We are looking for a super sensory safari lodge, the first one in the world, which uses design as a pivotal part of the experience.

In this challenge, we welcome creatives (professionals and/or students) to join in. We want you to imagine a Super Sensory Safari camp in all of its glory and contextualise the experience through architecture. Participants, who can compete individually or in a team of up to two people, are asked to register and submit their proposals, in the form of two digital A1 horizontal sheets and 500 words explanation text. The submission deadline is the 11th of January 2018, with winners announced in March. The lucky winners will be able to experience, first-hand, the unforgettable adventure of Zimbabwe by winning 2 places onto African Bush Camps’ Super Sensory Safari, located in the stunning Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe.