We are proud to announce the launch of Kapama’s Luxury Fly-In Packages.

Kapama has realized that the discerning traveller wants something even more exclusive and relaxing when transferring between multiple destinations in South Africa. Guests can now, on request, fly directly on an exclusive flight between Cape Town or Johannesburg, and Kapama’s private airfield.

This brand new Kapama branded PC 12 aircraft will provide all the comforts and luxury you would expect from Kapama. With the capacity to seat up to 8 guests. Pilatus is a Swiss aircraft manufacturer with an astounding reputation for quality, an incredible safety history and is known as one of the most reliable aircrafts in the world.

For guests making use of this exclusive luxury travel option, Kapama Private Game Reserve has partnered with Fireblade Aviation and will be using the fabulous Fireblade terminal lounge at ORTIA, and Signature lounge in Cape Town. The flight from Johannesburg to Kapama is a mere 50 mins, with the flight from Cape Town, only 2 h 50 min.

For our short video on the service please click here

A choice between three travel route options, will give guests the convenience and flexibility to customize their preferred route to ensure seamless, hassle-free and comfortable travel arrangements for their arrival to and departure from Kapama. This flight service is offered as a package with 3 nights all-inclusive Karula accommodation and safari experiences. Stays can be extended if required.
Whether guests are wanting to enhance their Honeymoon get-away to Karula or ensure a convenient luxury travel experience for the entire family, Kapama’s luxury fly-in option is the perfect addition to complement their Kapama stay.

For more information on these exclusive packages, email us at sales@anthology.co.za