During the 21st-25th October 2018, 60 luxury African travel exhibitors, along with 60 high-end luxury travel designers from across North America, will be descending on Sundance. For 4 days, this pop up event will consist of carefully curated business meetings, powerful bonding experiences as well as learning, discussing and sharing information about the majestic African continent.

Our exhibitors represent a cross section of Africa – located in Southern Africa, Central Africa, East Africa, and the East African Islands. They have a variety of offerings; from safari adventures, luxury game reserve’s, bucket list island experiences, treks through the jungle, to seeing some of the wonders of the world!

If you want to be part of this micro-community and grow your African roots, contact Rebecca Barr at rebecca@beyondluxury.com or on +44 203 409 4169.

Apply HERE or for more information, go to: https://www.weareafricatravel.com/sundance-buyers/