Elewana Collection want to improve the standard of guiding across the industry and we are passionate about the people who work for us, we invest continuously in their development.

Earlier this year we sent our Walking Guides to South Africa for enhanced training in a partnership with Royal Malewane. The aim was to further their skills from leading professionals in the Industry All six Walking Guides have returned exceeding our expectation, not only in their personal development but also professionally as Elewana Walking Guides.

Leading the training was Juan Pinto, who is the former Head Ranger at Royal Malewane and is one of the most qualified guides in the business. Juan has a unique set of formal guiding qualifications, including FGASA Level III Professional Guide with SKS-Dangerous Game and was the first active guide to be awarded the honorary title of Scout by FGASA, in recognition of achieving the highest qualifications as a guide and as a tracker. Juan has a passion for the African bush and is dedicated to ensuring that all the rangers and trackers strive to be the best guiding team in Africa, echoing our own ethos.

It is of utmost importance to us that only the best train our Guides, starting with our Head of Guide Training Craig McFarlane, who has selected only those that have the highest FGASA qualifications and advanced rifle handling to conduct advanced training with our walking Guides. This is essential to our ultimate goal that Guests have an exceptional and safe experience with our Guides.

Rudi and Nik who are leading Guides from Royal Malewane will travel to East Africa to continue the training with our Walking Guides. We would like to thank the entire guiding team at Royal Malewane, especially Juan, Ryan, Rudi and Nik for their passion and commitment to raising the standard of guiding across the continent and training our Elewana Guides to the highest standards.