Join us in Denver and hear from travel expert and TV host Nate Fluellen. “From Chicago to the Congo”. Nate Fluellen’s latest series “will change the way you think about exploring Africa” according to Forbes. Come and hear more from this amazing adventurer & story teller at our APTA National Forum in Denver on September 14th & 15th.

Nathan Fluellen is the creator, executive producer and host of World Wide Nate: African Adventures. The reality travel show follows the Chicago native, who is a thrill seeker with a magnetic personality and penchant for pushing himself outside of his comfort zone. The international travel vlogger ( hikes the Democratic Republic of the Congo mountains to the world’s largest lava lake, rappels alongside a 600-foot-tall waterfall in Lesotho, and treks through the Rwandan jungle alongside silverback gorillas, and more. He has visited 60 countries and 6 continents.