Lions, lions, and more lions have dominated Liwonde National Park’s management time of late. Today they can proudly report to all their supporters that another milestone has been reached. Just this morning they released the second lion pride consisting of three females, and two males into the greater park. Two of these animals have been fitted with satellite tracking collars which enables them to keep track of their location.

Since their arrival, these animals have remained in a holding boma whilst the new females acclimatize to their new surrounding and bonded with the two younger males who were already in place.

There are now nine free ranging lions within Liwonde National Park. Exciting times are ahead for these two prides. Will they all remain together? Will the two younger males leave these females making way for the larger and older males to occupy two prides? Will these animals set up a home range within the south or will they bombshell into the thick mopani woodlands?

We simply do not know; but what we do know is that there are exciting times ahead for Liwonde.