Adventure Consults is offering a bespoke Uganda safari during which participants become part of genuine gorilla and lion research teams in two different national parks.

On the first part of this adventure, you’ll accompany members of a “predator team” that’s been conducting research into the carnivores in Queen Elizabeth National Park for more than a decade. As part of the experience, you’ll learn how to use radio-wave telemetry to locate different lion prides that roam the park’s vast savannah.

During the drive, the guides and researchers will discuss human-animal conflict in communities around the park, veterinary issues within the park, and lion family dynamics as part of a very in-depth game drive.

Given the fact that one lion in each pride is radio-collared as part of the research project, you can expect to see multiple prides during this half-day trip. Due to the off-road nature of the adventure — all other vehicles in the park must stay on the allocated game routes and are not allowed off-road — close encounters with other wildlife are also assured.

The second part of the trip features a rare opportunity to trek for Mountain Gorilla alongside renowned expert  Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka (information on Dr. Gladys can be found here) or one of her experienced researchers from Conservation Through Public Health. Dr Gladys’ participation will entirely depend on her schedule/availability, so advance booking is recommended.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is a home to more than half the world’s remaining population of Mountain Gorillas, and it’s where Dr. Gladys does her field work. She’s been studying these creatures for over 15 years and is considered Uganda’s version of Dian Fossey.

During the trek, you’ll get a the chance to observe Mountain Gorillas in their own backyard, learn about the struggles surrounding their survival, and gain insights into gorilla health. There’s also a chance to collect samples that you will later help analyze at the CTPH Gorilla Health Centre.

The experience also includes a visit to the front-line human communities that directly come into contact with the gorilla families. This is an important part of the conservation campaign, as the gorillas not only eat what’s in their natural gardens but also sometimes eat human crops.

This brings them into contact with human and livestock diseases that can have a severe impact on their health. The only long-term and sustainable method of safeguarding their health is by improving the health of the people and livestock living around the park.

This once-in-a-lifetime trip also provides ample time for you to be amazed by the mystical Rwenzori Mountains, as well as the region’s crater lakes and copious bird life. You’ll also come across waterbuck, elephant, leopard, buffalo, hyena and other wildlife on game drives. Optional night game drives are also available.  Click here for more information on this adventure.