A property bordering the most northern region of Kapama Private Game Reserve will now be preserved and conserved by Kapama.


On the 6th July 2018, Kapama Private Game Reserve secured the inclusion of a neighbouring property into the Kapama Private Game Reserve. The current owners will vacate the land and Kapama will have the sole use of the property.


A process to remove snares and clean up some of the environmentally unfriendly structures, in line with Kapama’s environmental standards, has already commenced and it is anticipated that the fence between Kapama and the new property will be removed by the end of October 2018. The new portion stretches along the Klaserie River for more than a mile and borders Kapama Private Game Reserve on three sides. The area is frequented by numerous wild animals such as leopards, crocodile, hippo, bushbuck, reedbuck and other species that make use of riverine forest as their natural habitat.


This new inclusion of land will increase Kapama Private Game Reserve to an excess of over Thirty Thousand acres.


Kapama Private Game Reserve boasts one of the lowest densities of safari vehicles per acre, compared with other Reserves. Once the fence has been removed, the additional land shall allow for an even larger traversing area, with natural migration of animals throughout the reserve, lowering the vehicle density even further.


For more information or to make a reservation,  visit www.kapama.com or contact Reservations at res@kapama.com