These are the two biggest questions we are asked, every year. When is the best time to visit Bushtops? And where will the migrating wildebeest be, month by month?

If you know Africa (or read our reports) you’ll know that nothing is ever certain and everything can change. Migrations follow a broad clockwise pattern, but rainfall and grass determine the variable course. Human insights and constant tracking help us anticipate movements, but we have precisely no control over what the behemoths will do next.

However, whilst we cannot anticipate future herbivore movements, we can assess current positions. Below you will find the link to a real Bushtops innovation: our first-ever interactive ‘WOW’ (Where’s Our Wildebeest) map. It shows the herds’ current locations and their likely (though never guaranteed!) direction of travel. The WOW map is now a permanent part of our website, with regular updates showing us and our guests the most recent migratory progress. You can find the fully interactive version here on our website: