On 7th October 2018, the total count of rhino in the Rhino Sanctuary in Sera Conservancy (Northern Kenya), home to Saruni Rhino lodge, became 15 when it welcomed a new male calf. This confirms Sera Conservancy’s success as a unique conservation project in Kenya. Born to ‘Nairrenyu’ (Sala), the young male has been named by the community as ‘Ltupunywa’ which means ‘born when we weren’t expecting to give birth that month’ in the Maa language. Translated in English – ‘Surprise!’. The 14 yr. old mother is also mother to ‘Loijipu’ who she abandoned at birth and who is now slowly being re-wilded in the sanctuary. The two are yet to be reunited. Mother and new son are bonding well together. We wish them well. Image: Nairrenyu – the mother.