Impodimo’s new sunk in Elephant Hide.

Impodimo is well known for its awesome game drives, lead by top guides with Shangaan trackers. This combination has resulted in years of world class game viewing experiences for their guests. The lodge, with its unpretentious luxury, is unfenced and guests are immersed in the wildlife experience. Impodimo has an extremely active waterhole that attracts all manner of game every day, most of which walk past the chalets on their way to and from the water. Guests are always excited to see herds of game, including elephant and buffalo, literally on the end of their chalet deck passing by. Whilst this is definitely exciting, it doesn’t always present the best photographic opportunities and once the game moves by, guests wanted to keep watching them and their fascinating behaviours. Whilst some chalets had a view of the waterhole, they are still situated quite far away (from a photographers perspective) and Impodimo felt that this could be rectified.

Earlier in 2018 they decided to build a hide that would not just provide a safe place to view game at the water hole from, but a place that would bring them right into the thick of the action at the waters edge. It would also drop them down to a low angle, providing some of the most awesome photographic and viewing opportunities available. In true Impodimo style, they created a new space that is luxury, comfort and function without being pretentious at the same time as giving their guests a front row seat to the action. The hide is built underground and is accessed by means of a cavernous tunnel, displaying some amazing photography and art on the walls. Once you enter the hide at the end of the tunnel, there are many comforts available to guests, from a well-stocked refrigerator, a coffee machine and tea station as well as lounging areas and a library of books to help inspire you. All of this kept cool by an air conditioner. Of course one doesn’t visit a hide for the coffee! The viewing windows, which are at just the right height have 1 way glass so you can be completely hidden from the game or they can be opened for the perfect uninterrupted views. Once again, Impodimo thinks of the little things that make all the difference; they even provide bean bags to rest your camera on! The hide is suitable for night and day, giving guests an opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the many night visitors to the water hole.

With all of this, Impodimo has seriously upped their game.


Newly Renovated Sala

Impodimo has always had a sala, which is a thatched gazebo, that overlooks our smaller waterhole and is just a quiet spot to enjoy nature and immerse yourself in the bush. It was perfect for 2 people, but some people did feel a little exposed in it when the big game was very close. We decided to give it a bit of a face lift and make it a bit bigger and a little less exposed. We doubled the size and included some canvas walls to improve the safety and the privacy. With the extra space, we can now offer massage treatments , or private dinners for special occasions or guests can just relax and watch the bush pass by in comfort and safety.