AirKenya will launch flights between the Maasai Mara and Entebbe, Uganda, starting June 1, via Kisumu for immigration purposes.

AirKenya Reservations Manager, Catherine Kimwele, told Tourism Update that the flights would be daily, “initially starting with a Grand Caravan (11-seater), and will progress to an 18 or 50-seater, depending on the loads”.

The flight will depart the Maasai Mara at 08h45, landing in Kisumu at 09h50 and departing at 10h30, arriving in Entebbe at 11h30. The return flight will depart Entebbe at 12h15, landing in Kisumu at 13h15 and departing at 13h55, arriving in the Maasai Mara at 14h30.

“You can enjoy your Kenyan safari and cross over to Uganda and enjoy gorilla trekking and the best of what Uganda has to offer on its tourist circuit,” said AirKenya in a statement.

AirKenya’s subsidiary in Uganda, AeroLink Uganda, can take passenger further into Bwindi, Kihihi, Semliki, Murchison Falls and more.

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