It’s been an exciting time for Blue Zebra Island Lodge recently as they enter their diving season (June to September). As avid scuba divers from around the world delve into the underwater world of Lake Malawi and discover the resident blue zebra cichlids, a rather unexpected animal awaits as they arrive back on the island. Check out this blog all about Snoekie, the red duiker, written by Ili Giannakis & Maja Mofield, students of Bishop Makenzie International School, during their work experience at Blue Zebra Island Lodge:

Snoekie the red duiker is a domesticated duiker that was in need of a new home. Snoekie had her first litter of baby duikers about 1 and half years after she was born and has had 17 since then. She enjoys feasting on bananas and apples and is a true guest at Blue Zebra Island Lodge!

Duikers are small to medium sized brown antelopes native to sub-Saharan Africa. Mainly found in forests, farmlands and the bush, duikers enjoy a varied diet. Their large mouth permits them to feed on sizeable fruits, mushrooms, and other bulky items. They also eat berries and fruits that have fallen naturally, as well as those dropped by monkeys, but most of their diet consists of foliage from bushes and trees. On occasion, they may eat insects, lizards, birds, and rodents. Duikers are easily domesticated and enjoy human interaction making Blue Zebra a safe and ideal location for her.

Blue Zebra Island Lodge is on Nankoma Island, one of the Marelli Islands which are part of the Lake Malawi National Park. The lodge works with authorities to protect wildlife and ecosystems on and around the islands. Nankoma accommodates two other wild red duiker on the island (very elusive as not many guests have seen them), 2 rescued bush-babies released by Lilongwe Wildlife Trust, abundant birdlife, monitor lizards, otters, and spectacular surrounding marine-life with unique species of cichlids (including the Blue Zebra cichlid).

Snoekie is settling in well and exploring more each day, guests are already beginning to enjoy having her around despite her being new to the island. She will likely find the other duiker soon.

Welcome the Blue Zebra Island Lodge Snoekie!