Hideaways’ philosophy is all about guests being part of creating their own adventure on a daily basis – Hideaways doesn’t offer passive experiences. Did you know that everyone who stays at Rio Azul, Mozambique, gets their very own tinnie boat to explore the lagoon and river system? Guests feel the freedom of embarking on an adventure through the pristine waters where they are the captain and in charge of their own itinerary. Whether they want to navigate through the waterways of the estuary, check out an exposed sandbank at low tide, get a closer look at the mangrove forest, or explore the other side of the lagoon. It’s especially fantastic for families as even the young ones can try their hand at steering the aluminium boat. Couples can embrace the romance and feel like they are the only 2 people in paradise, with the world at their fingertips. It’s one of the ways that Hideaways provides more meaningful holidays where guests are more closely involved in their adventure.