The Grow Africa Foundation is part of Hideaways and an accelerator for the sustainable upliftment of the local communities of the areas we operate in. The foundation strives to instill a sense of purpose and pride for Hideaways’ employees, clients, and partners. One of the ways we do this is by overseeing and assessing various in-house environmental and socially inclusive projects within our company. We also host regular Grow Africa training sessions to ensure that our team remains inspired, understands the ethos and “lives the brand”. We recently had one such session at our Hideaways lodge Elephant’s Eye, Hwange in Zimbabwe. The event was an informative round table discussion about the foundation’s goals as well as an opportunity for the staff to share their personal goals. Our Foundation never intended to be one that only preaches, but instead one that listens and collaborates. The tagline ‘The Bridge Between Challenges & Solutions, Goodwill & Action’ is apt. This training was an opportunity where the team could openly discuss what they think needs attention. As much as we are training our staff and sharing our goals, they themselves inform and educate us about what is necessary and what is possible. Click here to discover how we collaborate on these goals.