On Monday, 23 March, the South African Presidency announced the decision to put South Africa in full lockdown, in response to the compounding risk of the Covid-19 Global Pandemic.

As of midnight, Thursday 26 March, Jabulani will remain closed until we reopen on 17 April 2020.

I hope that through these common worldwide restrictions, our global travel family will find time to reconnect and spend extra quality time with their loved ones and themselves. Much like our own families, each of the Jabulani Herd has unique and special qualities that we have shared here to help draw inspiration during these pressing times.

See the inspiring video from the Jabulani herd here!

Our reservations team is in the process of assisting with any pending bookings from our local South African supporters, to assist with each booking that may be affected.

Though our lodge operations may temporarily cease, we are unique to most safari lodge businesses, as our company supports an ongoing long term financial responsibility to care for and support the Jabulani Herd, who in turn have an essential team of carers.

The World has Changed. Plans have changed. The future has changed.

Tourism as we know it has come to a full and unexpected stop.

But our responsibilities at Jabulani remain unchanged.

First and foremost, the livelihoods of fifteen elephants and thirty of their carers remain in our hands, above and beyond lodge staffing support teams.

Our lodge operations not only ensure the safety, care and provisions for the herd and their care team, but we also help contribute towards the new elephant orphanage operations, HERD.

During this lockdown, key staff members will remain at Jabulani together with myself, Adine Roode, to ensure the wellbeing of the Jabulani elephants as well as Khanyisa, the albino elephant at HERD. 

We will continue to share our inspiring stories on social media and keep you updated from our 21 days in Lockdown, so please keep your eye on our Instagram/Facebook/Twitter feeds for regular updates. (Click on social icons at bottom of the mailer to follow Jabulani updates)


Thank you to everyone that has supported our journey thus far.

We will all get through this stronger at the other end.

Love and thoughts to you and your families

Adine Roode
Managing Director of Jabulani, Founder of HERD