The current global situation puts face-to-face interaction on hold for many of us around the world. But even in these times of distance, Experience Morrocco hopes to shed light on the ways we can stay connected and engaged with one another. Given this, we’re sharing one of our favorite Moroccan words, Ijtimaa, meaning a gathering of people.

While for the time being getting together and cross-cultural connection might not look like hopping on a plane, we hope to do our part at Experience Morocco to connect the world in any way we can. While you’re working from home or looking for a new hobby, check out our Spotify playlist and learn some of our team’s favorite Moroccan songs. Or scroll through our Instagram and Facebook with future travel companions to check out vibrant scenes of Morocco. And when the time is right, we can’t wait to welcome you to Morocco and enjoy an Ijtimaa in person!

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