Meet Nelson Mandela’s Prison Guard: Christo Brand

Have you heard about the incredible story of Nelson Mandela and his prison guard, Christo Brand? They  two met in 1978 on Robben Island where Mandela was imprisoned and Christo was his assigned guard. They developed a friendship over the years and were close until Madiba’s death.

Giltedge Africa is excited to share that we’re now offering our clients the chance to meet Christo Brand and hear his story! There’s also the option to go on a private tour of Robben Island with him. This experience is a great add-on for clients who’re visiting Cape Town.

We’ll be hosting a talk later this month with Christo Brand, to hear his story & for you to see if this would be ideal for your clients visiting Cape Town.


Date: Thursday, 21 May
Time: 5pm SA Time / 11am CST
Speaker: Christo Brand
Register in advance: Click this link