Our fundamental connection to the environment is necessary for our survival after enduring the last months’ of change. Through this time of economical, ecological and emotional turmoil we have endured an extraordinary amount of experiences and shifts in the personal and psychological realm. In our search for meaning during this global pandemic, we seem to have journeyed down a road which has organically led us back to yearning for nature.

As Dr Ian McCallum, author of Ecological Intelligence, reiterates,

“We have to stop speaking about the Earth being in need of healing. The earth doesn’t need healing. We do. It is our task to rediscover ourselves in Nature. To understand this is to understand the significance of what we need to do if we are to restore the lost balance. Our task is not to get back to Nature, but to give back to Nature.”

Join Hideaways CEO Katja Quasdorf and Doctor Ian McCullum, author, conservationist and psychiatrist in a conversation around the importance of reconnecting with nature in order to reconnect with ourselves.

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Date: Wednesday 27th May

Time: 16:30 CAT