3 Animals in Tanzania that have Mastered the Art of Social Distancing

As we have all been struggling to adapt to changing social norms, here at Takims Holidays we sought inspiration from nature to learn how to better adapt to social distancing in a country known for its safaris, wildlife and national parks.  Here are some species found in Tanzania that have taught us how to be great at social distancing:


You will often find this cat practicing social distancing while relaxing on the branches of an Acacia tree in the Serengeti, well camouflaged and trying its best to hide from any human safari enthusiasts.  Leopards are a member of The Big Five.  They hunt and live alone, and only associate with another adult long enough to mate.

Leopards are most active in the hours of dawn and your best chances of seeing them are either as you head to a hot air balloon safari at dawn, or during an early morning game drive, just after sunrise.  The guides at Takims Holidays take it as a personal challenge to help our guests spot these spotted cats.


Similar to a first-year university student, leopard offspring remain close to their mothers for several months. Often getting maternal handouts such as free food as they try to adapt to ‘adulthood’ and hunt for themselves.

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