BLOOD LIONS has launched their first two webinars relating to the captive predator breeding industry in South Africa. These webinars unpack important elements of the industry and, amongst others, include topics such as the conservation “con”;  the impact that cub interactions and lion walking have on the international tourism and volunteer sector;  the truth about captive (canned) hunting;  the lion bone export trade to Asia;  wildlife crime and illegal trade;  welfare issues related to intensive breeding; the risks of zoonosis;

The ten webinars are scheduled every two weeks, and are hosted by members of the BLOOD LIONS team, often together with well-known specialists from the conservation sector.

The first event entitled “The CON in Conservation” was an informative discussion held on 9th July, debunking the myth that the intensive breeding of lions and other big cats for commercial purposes is a conservation tool.  Watch Now

Last week’s Fallen through the cracks: The cost of inadequate animal welfare” was an in-depth analysis around the health and welfare of lions and, in light of the suspected origins of Covid-19, the links to zoonotic diseases which can be passed between wild animals and humans.  Watch Now

Please join us for the next webinar on 6th August (16.30 hrs SAST) in time for World Lions Day:

“Lion cubs in the wild versus in captivity: What’s the difference?”

A comparison of the life of a captive and wild lion, as well as looking at the impact of cubs being taken from their mothers, inbreeding and the change in breeding cycles, the effects of being raised without social structures, and the inability to hunt.

Future webinars include:  

“How your kindness is killing them:  Spotlight on wildlife interactive tourism”.  An emphasis on exploitative captive wildlife interactive encounters in South Africa, how this impacts negatively on Brand South Africa, our “Born To Live Wild” Tourism Pledge and SATSA’s response in developing guidelines to help the tourism industry and tourists alike to make more ethical choices. 

“The industry:  the legalities and what you can do to help”.  An overview of South Africa’s policies and legislation dealing with the breeding and keeping of lions and other big cats for commercial purposes. We will look at DEFF’s High-Level Panel and our call for a zero lion bone quota.

“Cuddled and killed for cash:  The links between predator breeding, tourism and the lion bone trade”.  A discussion around the lifelong exploitation of captive predators, and how every stage of their lifecycle is part of the economic value chain.

Details will be posted on our Blood Lions Facebook page prior to each event. We would love you to join us for these important discussions. Questions can be put forward during the discussions, and these will either be answered live during a Q&A at the end of each webinar, or by email to all participants subsequent to each session. If you are unable to link in live, all episodes are recorded and uploaded to the Blood Lions website and on YouTube.