As a travel agent your clients may have experienced an issue with obtaining reimbursement from their travel insurance company when they were unable to go on their trip due to the pandemic.  It appears that some travel insurance policies, though quarantine is mentioned in their policies, have denied claims to certain travelers and policy holders even though they could not travel. It appears that instead of paying covered claims, travel insurance companies are denying covered claims on unfair and illogical grounds.

Alan Feldstein, of Infinite Safari Adventures has informed counsel who assist consumers in enforcing their rights about this issue and they would like to help. There is a class action lawsuit in the works that will hold the insurers accountable for wrongful denials of covered travel insurance claims. If you or any of your fellow agents have clients who have made a travel insurance claim during the COVID-19 pandemic that feel they were wrongfully denied, they may have legal recourse.  If anyone is interested in learning more or joining the class action lawsuit, please have them contact Mr. Terry Bailey at the ACTS Law firm to discuss. His email is and his phone number is (310) 407-7888