In late 2019, One Horizon was one of 15 organization’s that the Kenyan Tourist Board (KTB) chose to be part of their Signature Experience Portfolio for 2020 – 21.   With Kenya opening up again, One Horizon’s Signature Experiences, will spearhead its tour portfolio in the coming months.

The uniqueness of One Horizons tour experiences for travelers, in grass root communities and locations, have earned the accolades of travelers from all over the world.  The Signature Experiences enable travelers to connect with local Kenyan communities of women, grandmas, and families and to immerse themselves in the lives of everyday Kenyans.  And in the process, gaining authentic insights of Kenyan culture.  It is not a tour bus experience, but a level of engagement between travelers and communities that is educational, emotional, and inspiring for all.  And perhaps one of the most satisfying aspects of combining a holiday with ‘social good’, is that travelers’ fees go to support the programs which are setting Kenyans up for a more sustainable future.

For One Horizon, our humanitarian focus has been our passion for over 20 years.  With like-minded guests, we share common goals and goodwill to improve people’s lives.  And the lessons have always been a two-way street.  And along the way achieving positive social, environmental, and economic change.  Signature Experiences like no other.