After a long hiatus because of the pandemic, Shanga has revived its popular events, activities and information sessions at Arusha Coffee Lodge for guests and local residents of northern Tanzania.

One of the latest activities was hosting a local primary school group where students first watched Shanga’s glassblowing and glass beadmaking artisans and then got busy making their own bracelets and necklaces from newspaper and cardboard. They went home with goody bags filled with a few treasures from Shanga’s glass garden. As one of the students was leaving, she commented to her teacher, “That was so cool! When can we come again?”

A local secondary school’s “Do it Green” club came to find out about recycling and what recycled items can be used for. The session included learning about the importance of sorting waste, uses for crushed glass as a substitute for gravel in driveway/laneway covering, and ways to support and empower people with disabilities in their own communities.


Finally, an entrepreneur training program for young women made a visit to meet the Shanga team. Their main mission is “to propel the next generation of successful innovative women entrepreneurs.” They enjoyed learning more about product development, customer needs and interests, and how Shanga addresses tourist visitors who are often looking for holiday mementos that are unique and easy to carry.

For the best experience at Shanga, be sure to build 2-4 hours into your northern Tanzania itinerary and schedule your visit directly through Shanga or the Elewana Collection.