#3 – Mauritius

Looking for lots of outdoor adventure? Head to the beautiful island of Mauritius. Mark Twain compared the island’s coral reefs and transparent waters set against a rugged interior backdrop to paradise. This island’s fascinating cultural mix and intriguing natural setting make it the perfect remote escape.

#9 – Malawi

Add conservation work and wildlife-watching to the list of things that add to the appeal of Malawi. Its eponymous lake, reggae-loving beach towns, mountaintop mission stations, hiking trails, and three major wildlife reserves make this small African country wildly popular.

#10 – Egypt

Egypt is breaking away from its long tourism history of temples and tombs and moving toward grassroots tourism start-ups, reflecting a country full of broad cultural riches. Leave room for some history, though: In 2022, the country will commemorate the centennial of the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb.

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