South African Airways welcomes AVIAWORLD (AVIAREPS JV), a global leader in tourism and airline representation, as their general sales agent in North America. Effective immediately, AVIAREPS will be assuming responsibilities for all sales and marketing representation for South African Airways in the U.S. and Canada. South African Airways, together with AVIAREPS, look forward to continuing to serve their valued travel advisors in North America. Travel advisors can contact South African Airways for sales assistance and support utilizing
the following resources:

  • SAA Trade Support (via email):
  • SAA Group Sales (via email):
  • SAA Customer Service (via email):
  • SAA Refund Accounting (via email):
  • SAA Reservations (U.S. only): +1 (870) 617-8342
  • SAA Reservations (Canada only): +1 (902) 612-2438
  • AVIAREPS SAA Sales (via email):

AVIAREPS U.S. Address: South African Airways
222 N. Pacific Coast Highway
El Segundo, CA 90345 USA